Commitment from all players/families, including local clubs at all levels to the competitive developmental vision of the program to establish itself as an exemplary High School Girls Soccer Program. Nondiscrimination Policy Livonia Public Schools prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, height, weight, marital status, handicap or disability in any of its educational programs or activities. I will take an angle that is slightly bigger than necessary over an angle that isnt quite big enough. To be successful at keeping the ball, your players have to be willing to do the SIMPLE things and do them QUICKLY. Players need to understand that the negative pass is an investment in the forward one that follows it. To do that, we need players who wont get hypnotized and start zombie-walking toward the ball. He was named the most valuable player of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in 2002, the first Bethel mens soccer player to earn the honor. Receiving across my standing leg means that if a pass is arriving from my left side, I am going to let the ball roll across the front of my body, open up my hips, and receive it with the inside of my right foot. Youve got to re-program them to INTERNALIZE the big picture so they see the inherent value of keeping the ball. If theres a noticeable decrease in your teams speed of play ONCE YOU ELIMINATE THE TOUCH RESTRICTIONS, its because your players HAVE NOT INTERNALIZED the intrinsic value of speed of play. The player on the ball is going to need a lot of help from her teammates if your team is going to keep the ball. Striving for Excellence; Learning for Life. Enrollment Size: 5000. Normally, getting out of dead space is a matter of TAKING THREE STEPS to either side. Tyrique Marquis Stevenson (born May 1, 2000) is an American football cornerback. Teammates have to compensate for those gambles, but theyre too tired to do so effectively. There is something intrinsically beautiful about a long run of passes culminating with a three-man combo to an overlapping outside back who puts her serve on the head of a teammate darting in at the near post. More information to follow. This is one of the most prominent mistakes players will make during possession exercises. A player cannot do that if she doesnt have teammates giving her USEFUL options.particularly in the direction she is facing. It is my categorical belief that to play fast, YOU HAVE TO WANT TO PLAY FAST. If you receive it behind the fence, youve got an excellent chance of breaking pressure. The ball is like a magnet, especially for opposing playersand they are going to gravitate toward the ball. The supporting player can always come forward to adjust to the pass. Keeping the ball involves a constant search for good numbers. Stevenson High School Athletic Director: Chris Perk Phone: (509) 219-8816 Email: 390 NW Gropper Rd Stevenson, WA 98648 . Miami Southridge ( South Miami Heights, Florida) Career highlights and awards. Watch highlights of Utica Stevenson High School Varsity Girls Soccer from Sterling Heights, MI, United States and check out their schedule and roster on Hudl. Now, pick up all those cones and tell the players to replace them with an imaginary line. Then have the defender hold out the hockey stick to see if they got it right. And make sure they know when they need to play the bigger ball. When that player decides that she is the best occupant of that seam, it is UP TO HER to get the intruding teammate out of the way. Bulev was originally hired at Stevenson in 2020 to serve as the head girls' freshman coach and will now be the Head Coach leading the girls soccer program. Assembly Schedule; 2-Hour Late Start; 3-Hour Early Release 2020; Student Handbook; Yearbook & Senior Deadlines; For Parents. *WEATHER UPDATE WILL BE POSTED ON GSO WEBSITE 24 hours prior to Day 1 50 Juggles Feet Only (5 minutes) *40 Yards w/ Ball, 2v2v2 / 3v3v3 / 4/4/4 Modified Possession Activities 4v4 games, Individual, partner and small group activities, Late pre-season / Club tournaments & summer play. Nowsmash that egg on the table and see how much more are it covers. In moments like this, you need to FREEZE PLAY, recreate the event and ask the passer how it could have turned out better? That play has died and the opponent has taken the ball. It is an ESSENTIAL building block to the whole concept of passing and receiving. There will be NO payment plans set up by the athletic department. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 4-1 win vs. Timothy Christian on 9/27/2022 6:30 PM. Then, Ive got to provide a pass that helps her execute. All the pieces are in a constant state of flux, so what was a good idea a half-second ago might now be an awful idea. Hound them to make the adjustment and play with one-touch. Stevenson High School home of the Patriots is a public school located in Lincolnshire, Illinois. Stevenson High School Map. They want to affect the scoreboard as quickly and as often as possible. Ive got to look at my targets situation and assess where her pass SHOULD go. Thats how to give an angle of support that is better than square. Those players tend to take longer on the ball as they consider all the magnificent ways THEY will win the game. As we like to say, Your pass is her first touch.. Watch highlights of Utica Stevenson High School Boys Varsity Football from Sterling Heights, MI, United States and check out their schedule and roster on Hudl. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 3-2 win vs. Libertyville on 10/6/2022 6:30 PM. As a player for the Royals in 2001 and 2002, Chavez had two of the most prolific seasons in school history. You will be in a much better position to turn and you will have many more options once you do. You will commonly encounter this scenario during a possession exercise where the players have crowded into one half of the grid, then one team wins the ball and tries to break out of it and exploit the empty space at the other end. We are always looking for ways to make them successful by doing less. All-State Players, Season results as reported on the IHSA website, PepeJon Chavez Seams open up and chances to score practically create themselves. The Stevenson High School Athletics program consists of more than 35 sports teams, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated student athletes, coaches, staff members and supporters. So what the player who receives the initial pass cant see, the player she drops the ball to CAN. If we can receive the ball behind the fence, our life is a lot easier. For a player to play the way hes facing, he needs support underneath her. Then do the same thing on her other side. When deciding which foot to receive the ball with, a player must ask himself these questions: Which foot will help me advance the ball? Stevenson High School (Lincolnshire, IL) Varsity Soccer Stevenson Patriots Varsity Boys Soccer Lincolnshire, IL FOLLOW TEAM 22-23 V. Soccer Home Schedule Roster Stats Standings Rankings Photos News More / Stevenson High School Soccer Stevenson Soccer OVERALL 22-1-3 0.90 Win % CONFERENCE 6-0-1 1st in Conference HOME8-0 AWAY7-0-3 NEUTRAL7-1 The only question they need to ask themselves now is whether or not they actually want the ballbecause theyre not going to get it if they are hiding behind an opponent. But dont pretend that a bad passing angle is going to work. Remember, you are probably dealing with players who are pre-programmed to throw the knockout punch. Go paperless and register your student for sports online. They need to ask themselves, If I was her, and I wanted to play with one touch, where would I want my teammate to be?. Players who receive the ball with the wrong foot either dont know what theyre doing wrong or they are just being lazy. To play fast, your players have to WANT to play fast, and they wont want to play fast UNTIL they FULLY COMPREHEND why it is important. Niji-Iro Japanese Immersion Elementary School, 2022-23 Stevenson Athletics Calendar (all sports), 2022-23 Sports Survey for Incoming 9th Graders, SHS Three Sport Athlete Award Criteria: 2022-23, SHS Athletics Collegiate Signings Procedure 2021, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). Every second it takes her to make a decision is another second that the opponent has to adjust, organize defensively, close ground, and pressure the ball. Stevenson High School's vision statement rests upon five pillars: curriculum; equity, access and inclusivity; professional learning community; culture for learning; and community engagement. So beyond the simple territorial gain, the LONGER PASS is more likely to break the opponents pressure and the recipient of the longer pass is more likely to have a wider variety of options upon receiving the ball. But each one of those jabs is making a dentand in the final three rounds, those jabs start to feel like cannonballs. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 2-1 win @ Mundelein on 9/15/2022 6:30 PM. If youre going to have a possession team, EVERY PLAYER needs to buy into it. Third-team All- ACC ( 2022) Stats at So, you are going to start in dead spacedirectly behind the defender. News . When it comes to possession soccer, one bad apple will spoil your bunch. Online paymentsare the only method of payment the Livonia Public Schools will accept. SCHOOL COLORS: Double Blue and White JV VARSITY STEVENSON HIGH SCHOOL ~ SPARTANS ~ 2021 JV AND VARSITY SOCCER ROSTER HEAD COACH: Matt Grodzicki HEAD COACH: Ken Shingledecker ASST COACHES: Nick Atwood, Kelly Capoccia. Because soccer is a fluid game, these seams are constantly moving---appearing, disappearing and reappearing. Watch highlights of Stevenson High School Varsity Football from Lincolnshire, IL, United States and check out their schedule and roster on Hudl. Players must always remember the value of speed of play. *For the most up-to-date tryout information, click here. The LPS District-wide financial cap (grades 7-12th) is $700 per family. I bombard them with it whenever possible because I know that if they dont know whats next BEFORE the ball is at their feet, our speed of play is going to suffer and that is going to hinder our ability to keep the ball. ***Coaches often run possession exercises in SMALL SPACES/AREAS. There is no easier way to pass the ball than the way you are facing. On 11/5, the Stevenson varsity soccer team won their neutral playoff game against York (Elmhurst, IL) by a score of 2-1. 2022 UW-Oshkosh Football Golf Outing; 2022 UW-Oshkosh Titan Golf Classic; Corporate Partners; . Once a supporting player has identified and moved into the proper seam, the next part is making that tiny, little extra effort to make sure the ball comes to her proper foot. Physical: Speed, endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, tackling, body shape & mobility. The supporting teammate must choose an angle of support that makes the targets life as easy as possible for a one-touch layoff. Varsity Boys Soccer Head Coach When the numbers around her are good, shes likely going to pass the ball to a teammate in her immediate vicinityNo problem there. By that same token, the passer of the ball has to play the proper foot when the opportunity presents itselfand yes, youve got to hammer home that point also. She needs to be prepared to receive the ball and immediately put her body between the ball and the pressuring opponent. If youre running one-touch exercises, this is an IMPORTANT coaching point. The competition was always fierce, but it was also more fun than anything else. Stevenson High School Athletic Director: Chris Perk Phone: (509) 219-8816 Email: . If an athlete qualified for Reduced Lunch last year, the fee is $50 for each of the first two sports; third sport is free of charge. Wind River Middle School Map. Many times, the passer will put too much weight on her pass, and her teammate wont have time to spin around and face the field when receiving it. If you have any questions, please email Chris Perk, This concept isnt the easiest thing in the world for a lot of players to understand. Merely getting the ball to a teammate is no longer good enough. The official 2022 Men's Soccer Roster for the Stevenson University . Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 1-0 win @ Hersey on 9/24/2022 9:00 AM. Theyd want her in a seam that ran between opponents. (09/04/2020) The D Zone's Top 200 Michigan High School Pre-Season Football Rankings (08/25/2020) Sterling Heights Stevenson 2022 MLB/RB/OLB/WR/TE Jordan Kwiatkowski was offered by Akron (07/16/2020) Sterling Heights Stevenson 2022 RB/S Jordan Ramsey was offered by Bowling Green State Stevenson High School's vision statement rests upon five pillars: curriculum; equity, access and inclusivity . One-touch exercises are excellent for developing this idea because the receiver of the pass doesnt get a touch to clean up the ball. SimpleShe just demands that her teammate, GET OUT!. When a defender has possession of the ball, the defensive center mid is often the closest and therefore easiest option, so we tend to give her the ball. Her movement into that path means that she has put herself between the passer of the ball and the person about to receive it, and that leaves the passer in dead space. Think of all the players as if they were marbles on a table. If you are looking to play a forward pass and you can successfully deliver it to your closest teammate who is ten yards in front of you, or you can successfully deliver that pass to a teammate ten yards farther up the field, play the BIGGER pass. Stevenson High School. And when an opponent is tired and frustrated, that opponent will MAKE MISTAKES. It is not uncommon for a player to provide a good supporting angle 20 yards away from the ball, only to have a teammate who is 10 yards away from the ball wander into that same seam. Until players understand and INTERNALIZE the value of speed of play, they will NEVER play as fast as you want them to play. 1) The part where your team has the ball. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries and grievances for: handicap or disability-Director of Student Services, 15125 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154 at (734) 744-2524. When she can no longer slide the stick along the ground without leaning, mark that spot with a cone. If your team is going to be effective at keeping the ball, then speed of play has to become a MAJOR PRIORITY. Give those two hockey sticks to the defender. The same applies for passes in a game of soccer. 2012 The following person has been designated to handle inquiries and grievances for: handicap or disability-Director of Student Services, 15125 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48154 at (734) 744-2524. Its not the attackers job to jump in front of them and say, Hey Everynody---Here I am!!!. School Pay Account Link (for non-meal purchases). PepeJon Chavez was named head boys soccer coach on Dec. 12, 2019. An advanced player knows that when a teammate tells her to get out, she should vacate the space immediately. Make sure they understand when they can play short. It is more important for my players to ask, WHATS NEXT---WHAT IF THE BALL COMES TO ME? than it is for the exercise to run without a hiccup. It is PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT for a team that wants to play possession soccer. Smart possession players are greedy about that one inch because they know that the further the opponent has to chase to get the ball, the less likely she is to actually get it. 11001 owings mills boulevard owings mills, md 21117 (443) 352-4251 11001 owings mills boulevard owings mills, md 21117 Watch high school sports and events nationwide, live and on demand, via the NFHS Network. 12 talking about this. It involves making a lot of low-risk passes, and that means the ball is frequently going to move sideways and backwards. ***When you are running possession exercises, make sure your players are CONSTANTLY evaluating the numbers! It also applies to horizontal passes and even negative one. He loved the experience and went on to get his USSF coaching license and began coaching travel soccer in Wilmette. Players must learn to INSTANTLY TRANSITION from being the passing player to being a supporting one. I have the players take only one turn in each role because like I said, this isnt the most exciting thing they will ever do. about Un-FOUR-gettable! To keep the ball at a high level, players must hold themselves to a higher standard. Youve got to be willing to hammer away at this point day after day after day. You can see any obstacles in your way and you can usually execute with a single touch. Chavez guided the Bethel womens team to a 28-20-6 record in three seasons from 2007-09, while the men were 19-33-2 during the same time. He spent 10 years as a coach at the NCAA Division III school after playing for there for two seasons. All it takes is ONE IMPATIENT PLAYER to undo all the good work your team has been doing. If you want a comparison, watch any EPL match. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 2-1 win vs. Waukegan on 10/28/2022 5:00 PM. Everyones life is easier when they can receive the ball facing the field. The danger of this is that players become CONDITIONED to look for short passes, and their vision starts to MAX OUT at 15-20 yardsand they shy away from playing a ball in the air. When the game is being played, you want all your players asking, WHATS NEXT?. Livonia Stevenson Soccer This is better than running past the target, but only slightly. BAD NUMBERS means the opponent has you outnumbered. They arent wired for patience, and that leads to a lot of high-risk passes which lead to a lot of turnovers. She has to play a perfect ball that keeps her teammate perfectly in stride and that is an awful lot of perfection to ask of anyone. This is an extremely dull and static demonstration, and its going to sound even duller in printbut it makes the point very well. Your players need to be prepared to play with a single touch because often times, that is ALL theyre going to get. Stevenson High School (Livonia, MI) Varsity Football Stevenson Spartans Varsity Boys Football Livonia, MI FOLLOW TEAM 22-23 V. Football Home Schedule Roster Stats Standings Rankings Videos News More / Stevenson High School Football Stevenson Football OVERALL 4-5 0.44 Win % LEAGUE 4-3 4th in League HOME2-2 AWAY2-3 NEUTRAL0-0 PF143 PA183 STREAK1L That can ONLY happen when your players know whats next. Varsity Team:9th-12 grades, Technical: Application of skill & skill development, ball control, receiving, first & second touch, passing and 1v1 creativity attacking/defending, shooting, heading and shielding. You need ELEVEN players on the field who get it. And even if it doesnt quite break that line, you may still have the chance to make an important point. They will cave to the pressure, quickly abandon their style, and end up looking just like any other team. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 4-1 win vs. Waukegan on 9/30/2022 4:45 PM. We need to be a little sneakier than that. You seeits not about the effectiveness of a SINGLE punchIts about the damage done by the ACCUMULATION of those punches. The more you will pass itthe more they will chase. Must reapply through the Free Lunch Program annually. This gives her the chance to evaluate her options BEFORE shes even touched the ball. And when she plays that short option, thats typically when the area gets too crowded and the ball is lost. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 3-3 tie @ Zion-Benton on 9/22/2022 4:45 PM. When one does, have the defender reach out that hockey stick. A player has to set up her teammate so that she can play quickly or at the very least have a fighting chance of keeping possession of the ball. The ability to make these small adjustments can literally mean the margin of victory to your team. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 4-1 win vs. Libertyville on 10/22/2022 3:00 PM. Stevenson's stats have been entered for the 1-0 win vs. Warren Township on 9/13/2022 6:30 PM. Every inch of space you waste is an inch you are CONCEDING to the opponent. Every athlete is required to complete several forms in order to participate: Enhance and support the broader educational vision and values of the school. Stevenson High School Striving for Excellence; Learning for Life Home Athletics SHS Athletics Homepage Athletic Director: Arnold "Arnie" Muscat Phone: (734) 744-2660, ext. food service permit nyc, harry miller basketball,

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